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How to identify the quality of the Ribbon

Ribbon industry in a wide variety of ribbons, widely used in apparel, trademark printing, shoe materials, bags, industry, agriculture, military, transportation and other industrial sectors. In the 30 ‘s, the Ribbon is a handmade workshop ribbon exquisite picture production, raw materials for cotton thread made of wool ribbon, hemp thread made of cotton hemp ribbon. After the founding of New China, ribbon raw materials gradually developed to nylon, polyester, polypropylene, spandex, viscose and so on, the formation of woven, knitted, knitted three major types of technology, ribbon structure has plain, twill, satin, jacquard ribbon, double-layer, multi-layered, tubular and joint organization. The warp and weft yarns of the two unknown types of ribbons were removed, and the lighters were burned separately, and some physical phenomena were observed during the combustion process in order to determine the raw materials of the theodolite.

When burning, the flame, melting condition and smell emitted, and the condition of ash after combustion are observed respectively.

The following are the identification methods for different materials in the Ribbon factory:

Nylon Ribbon: Near flame is melting and melting, dripping and foaming does not directly continue to burn like celery taste hard, round, light, brown to gray, bead shape. Polyester Ribbon: Near flame is melting and melting, dripping and foaming can continue to burn, a few have very weak sweet and hard round, black or hazel one.

Cotton fiber and hemp fiber. Cotton fiber and hemp fiber are just near the flame is burning, burning quickly, the flame is yellow, the blue smoke.

The difference between the smell of combustion and the ashes after burning is that the cotton belt burns to emit a paper smell, the hemp cotton burns to emit the smell of grass and ash, after burning, cotton with very little powder ash, black or gray, hemp Cotton produces a small amount of gray powder ash.

Nylon and Polyester Nylon (nylon) name polyamide fiber, near the flame is quickly curled into white glue, in the flame melting dripping and foaming, burning without flame, leaving the flame difficult to continue to burn, emitting celery flavor, cooling after the light brown melt is not easy to grind. Polyester name polyester fiber, easy to ignite, near the flame is melting, burning side of the melting edge of black smoke, yellow flame, emitting aromatic smell, after burning ashes for black-brown hard pieces, with fingers can be twisted.

Three ways to identify the good and bad of the Ribbon
Chromatic aberration test: This can be observed with the naked eye, look at its color, tattoo roll with needle edge, can not be messy, should be very pure color.

Shallow knowledge of quality:

Edge: Usually some yarn bristles, this can also be observed with the naked eye, the two sides of the ribbon and edge locking can not have serious hair ball and filament.
Jumping needle: This can be observed by the naked eye, the ribbon cannot have a jump needle.

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