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How to judge the elastic quality of the elastic band?

When many manufacturers use the elastic band, they will find that some elastic bands are loose, some elastic bands are tight, and the elastic quality of the elastic band directly affects the quality of the produced clothes, jewelry, etc. Can you choose a flexible elastic band?
1. If it can be cut, it can be cut and tested. Some elastic belts use a new material, but the inside is a filler.
2. The naked eye judges the gloss of the elastic band, if the gloss of the whole material is much better than the powdered one.
3. Buy elastic band for its toughness, so you need to choose good toughness when choosing elastic band, how to detect toughness? See the elastic band repeated fold, if it is broken, it proves that the toughness is not good.
The regular webbing manufacturer will add a step in the final production of the elastic band, wash it with cold water/warm water/hot water, study the effect of different washing temperatures on the elasticity and durability of the rubber band, and dry it with a washing machine or hand wash. To study the effects of different pulling strengths and durations on elasticity and durability, and then sell them to wholesalers through such quality inspections. This quality is definitely guaranteed, so when purchasing, choose a good ribbon manufacturer. Very important.

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