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What is the difference between nylon and polyester?

The most commonly used webbing material for rubberized webbing, typically nylon or polyester or imitation nylon webbing, but will never be a PP webbing (because PP webbing is not compatible with TPU). The imitation nylon webbing is a nylon-polyester blended webbing. The general ratio is 5:5, or 3:7. The higher the nylon content, the higher the unit price of the webbing. Therefore, it can be seen from this that the nylon material will be more polyester than polyester. expensive.
About the difference between nylon webbing and polyester webbing:
1. The strength of nylon will be higher than that of polyester. The thread made of nylon will even exceed the wire of the same fineness;
2. The nylon is left for a long time, or it is exposed to ultraviolet light, and the color will be yellowed;
3. The nylon webbing is easy to be deformed and wrinkled, so when the webbing is finished ironing before the rubberized webbing is produced, the nylon webbing will be seriously contracted;
4. Nylon ribbon is resistant to alkali and acid (37.5% hydrochloric acid can be dissolved), and polyester ribbon is resistant to acid and alkali (Note: a certain concentration of alkali will destroy the polyester surface fabric at a certain temperature, and will gain a soft hand);
5. Regarding wear resistance, nylon webbing is superior to other textile fibers.
1. Both webbings have poor water absorption;
2. Easy to static, fluff, and pilling;
Of course, the above two points do not have to worry, because after TPU encapsulation, the static electricity is blocked (TPU is anti-static), of course, the occurrence of fluffing and pilling is avoided. The TPU-coated webbing provides a waterproof function and also increases the overall tensile and wear resistance.

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